Hammond High 
School  Robotics

Team Ursa Major

Hammond High School Robotics

Community Service

Patuxent Valley Middle School

Our team helped start 6 FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams at Patuxent Valley Middle School. Student team members went once a week to mentor the middle schoolers in their explorations of Lego Mindstorm. This year was the teams' first year, and they did not compete, but they plan to compete next year.

Gorman Crossing Elementary School

Members of our team helped start 9 FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams at Gorman Crossing Elementary School. Five to six student team members mentor the Kindergarten through 5th grade teams once a week from November to May. This year, the teams did not compete, but next year they will be a part of the Lego League Competition. 

We also demonstrated our 2013 robot at Gorman Crossing's STEM Fair in May. Team members explained the FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) to the elementary schoolers and explained how the robot worked. The students drove the robot and caught the frisbees the robot shot out.

This year Ursa Major is conducting fundraisers to support the Engineers Without Borders Clean Water Fund.

The community of Las Delicias suffers from inequitable

distribution of drinking water. Significant parts of the community receive water only every 8 days. The culture of hoarding water may contribute to over 80% of children being infected with parasites and to the spread of mosquito-borne Dengue fever. Disease causes school absenteeism. Shortage of water is not caused by physical unavailability but by high pumping cost due to poorly designed system.

EWB-MAP chapter’s Las Delicias team plans to add another pump, about 400 m of distribution pipe, and a new tank at an intermediate elevation within the village to avoid pumping water to the existing tanks at high elevation, thus, providing about 30% more water for the same price.

We will be donating the money we raise from the proceeds of the LAN Party and Wristband sales to aid the  Water Project ; Las Delicias; Department La Libertad.