Hammond High 
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Team Ursa Major

Hammond High School Robotics

About Us

Robotics Season

  • We have a 6 week build season to design, prototype, build, program, test, wire, and fix a robot to play a game.
  • During the 6 weeks, students redesign and adapt to any and all problems that arise
  • While many FIRST Robotics Teams are mentor-led, ours is entirely student-run, so students gain leadership and communication skills in addition to technical skills
  • Students gain valuable experience and knowledge from professional mentors who volunteer their time to guide students
  • Our committed team members put in over 370 hours of work throughout the year, mostly concentrated in the 6 week build season.


  • Our team not only trains engineers, but also business managers, accountants, deadline managers, and fundraisers
  • Students are forced to practice interdisciplinary communication to ensure the success of the team.
  • We work with other school clubs like the Future Business Leaders of America and the Art Honor Society 
  • Community Service: We mentor younger students to foster a love for STEM early to build future engineers
    • We helped start and mentor 9 FIRST Lego League teams at Gorman Crossing Elementary School
    • We mentor several FIRST Lego League teams at Patuxent Valley Middle School
    • We bring our robot to various demonstrations (like an elementary school technology fair) to spread STEM

Benefits of Our Team

  • Alumni of the team leave with experience working in and leading a multi-faceted enterprise and have gained the communication, teamwork, leadership, and technical skills that go with it.
  • The robotics team is an ever-growing entity; expanding from 10 members in our first year to over 30 now, 5 years later
  • Students:
        - Gain hands-on experience, with the guidance of mentors
        - Grow and learn from failures in a low-risk environment
        - Learn to work with tools and equipment
        - Learn the design process
        - Work and build within a strict deadline


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8800 Guilford Rd
Columbia, MD 21046